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Large pharmaceutical holding optimizes its business with QlikView


Regio: Europe, Russia
Bedrijfstak: Farmaceutische Industrie
Functie: Finance, Sales, Supply Chain

"QlikView helps us to find efficient business solutions at the junction of our departments. It means the transition from functional management to process management, which is supported by our analytical system."

Olga Shtauberg, owner of "ForaPharm" Business Group 


ForaPharm is a diversified holding. ForaFarm is engaged in manufacturing, wholesale and retail of pharmaceuticals, export, consulting and publishing.
One of the key divisions of ForaPharm is "TD ForaPharm" parapharmaceutics supplier and distributor and " ForaPharm Logic, " one of the Russian leaders of logistics services. ForaPharm also includes SPA "Fora-Pharm", dedicated to the manufacturing of medical and cosmetic products and dietary supplements. In addition, ForaPharm develops Moscow retail project "Gorodskaya Apteka" and publishes scientific and popular medical newspaper “Stoletnik”. 


  • Simplify and improve speed of obtaining analytical data of subsidiaries and divisions
  • Provide analytical information to all units in visual form
  • Minimize manual handling and duplicates in the preparation of analytical reports
  • Establish cooperation between different departments and streamline business processes
  • Minimize unnecessary logistics costs


"ForaPharm" has implemented QlikView Business Discovery on their own. The holding analyzes purchasing, sales, stock merchandising and logistics with QlikView application. QlikView provides data integration of regionally distributed branches using different accounting systems.


  • Ability to consolidate data from different IT-systems 
  • Consolidation of data from geographically dispersed branches without depending on data channels
  • Identify hidden errors when integrating data from different systems
  • Transition from functional management to process management

Partner: ATK Consulting Group

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