QlikView Helps France Domaine Manage Government Property Policy

QlikView provides us with a single technological platform for two different but complementary decision-making tools

—Éric Scher, Project Manager, France Domaine Bureau for Property Missions



Europe, France

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  • Bedrijfstak: Overheid
  • Functie: Operations


  • France Domaine is a department of the Directorate General of Public Finances in France that manages the government property policy
  • The company is part of the Ministry of Budget, Public Accounts and Civil Administration
  • Represents the interests of the government as a property owner, managing assets in its stock of buildings valued at a little over €100 billion
  • Industry: Government


  • Improve view of data across both the government budget and accounts management systems, and its property management processes
  • Gather data within a reliable and easy to use tool
  • Guarantee data format compatible with Chorus mainframe
  • Archiving reports and consistency of government property management modernization approaches


  • QlikView was chosen for the development of two types of decision making applications:
      • OCAPI, to ensure compliance with the objectives of the Grenelle Forum, aiming to reduce energy consumption in its building by 40 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent
      • The SPSI which aims to rationalize occupancy rates of government buildings
  • France Domaine deployed QlikView for more than 1,100 users to analyze more than 17 million items of data
  • Deployment occurred in nine months


  • Improved capacity to handle bulk data
  • Enabled ability to launch various kinds of analysis
  • Utilized highly visual, flexible reports and control panels

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