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Regio: Sweden
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Transport & Logistiek
Functie: Executive, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain

"I guess we are the pioneers within the corporate group. QlikView has helped us show the impact of being able to quickly retrieve important information at all levels of the organization." Ulf Carlsson, Manager of the Administrative Functions, Frigoscandia Distribution


  • Leading logistics partner in the food industry focused on transportation and storage of chilled, dried and frozen products.
  • Fully owned by the Norwegian Post.
  • One of its larger customers is IKEA for whom Frigoscandia manages food logistics all over the world.


  • Increase control over accounts payable by providing customer-facing employees with accurate payment histories.
  • Streamline purchasing processes to lower purchasing costs and improve cash flow.
  • Reconcile redundant and outdated data to improve operational efficiency.


  • Deploy QlikView Server and Publisher to 150 employees across 4 functional areas.
  • Analyze everything from customer profitability to supply chain efficiency to human resources’ effectiveness – all focused on driving corporate profitability.
  • Create a map that graphically shows results for all business units and allows managers to drill down to more detailed information for further analysis.


  • Dramatically streamlined purchasing process and operations.
  • Improved cash flow and lowered purchasing costs.
  • Reduced business risks with financially borderline companies.
  • Improved data integrity by fixing errors and redundancies.


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