Frimo Group


FRIMO Group leverages reliable SAP data analysis with QlikView


Regio: Germany
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Manufacturing
Functie: IT, Finance, Operations

"QlikView has provided us with a reliable way of analysing and presenting facts and figures from our sales and ERP system with an ease we‘ve never experienced before."

Rainer Wittkorn
Managing Director, CFO
Frimo Group


  • World leaders in the development and manufacture of production systems involving the creation of quality plastic components for a wide range of applications
  • Special focus on automotive industry
  • Headquarters in Lotte, near Osnabrück, Germany
  • 1,200 employees working at 15 locations worldwide


  • Infrastructure: CRM and project management (SQL Server) and SAP. Control and management of local sales teams
  • Visualisation and analysis of sales data from CRM taking into account complex access rules
  • SAP FI-CO-PS evaluation and analysis
  • International use at 10 sites as well as in agency operations


  • QlikView as a strategic analysis and reporting platform across numerous functions:
  • FRIMO sales cockpit for sales controls and management: incoming order/order placement development potential
  • Outstanding SAP items: receivables and payables
  • SAP controls of cost centres
  • SAP project control and management
  • Telecommunication: analysis by invoice, contract, and telephone contacts
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) licence control: usage analysis of floating licences


  • FRIMO sales cockpit: flexible analysis of the total contract value and overall order placement potential down to individual client queries
  • Automated and reliable SAP data analysis updated daily
  • Telecommunication: active contract mix design, and optimisation of costs, transparency for cost centre managers
  • CAD licence costs allocated according to source
  • Successful projects have enhanced the reputation of IT

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