Fujitsu General Australia

Fujitsu General Finds QlikView Refreshing


Regio: Australia, Asia Pacific
Bedrijfstak: Consumentenproducten, Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Finance, IT, Operations, Sales

“QlikView gave us a 15% improved return on rebate investment, while also helping us to better manage promotions, stock, customers and resources to fuel future growth of the business.”

—Nicholas Vasic, Financial Controller, Fujitsu General Australia


Part of the Fujitsu General Group worldwide, a leading supplier of air conditioners in Australia.


  • Provide rich insight into all factors that impact sales performance, stock & profitability.
  • Multiple paper-based reports for individual users that duplicated effort, was a month behind & allowed no data manipulation, consumed over 6 hours a month for IT staff.


Fujitsu General deployed QlikView to over 80 employees initially across Australia & New Zealand, now with more than 100. QlikView provides detailed self-serve visibility into customer contribution detailing sales, product, supply chain, promotional and debtor impacts. QlikView was designed & delivering value within 3 weeks.


  • More accurate, transparent & consolidated sales, revenue & profitability data aligned to key business measures.
  • 15% improved return on rebate investment
  • More effective margin analysis with 10% improvement in cost allocations to sales & product lines.
  • Improved inventory management by 12%
  • Improved IT staff productivity by 15%

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