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QlikView Becomes “the oracle” for Fundesem Business School


Regio: Europe, Spain
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Onderwijs / Non-Profit
Functie: Finance

“We chose QlikView because it’s a business intelligence platform that’s used worldwide, quick to deploy, easy to maintain, and represents the kind of value for money our company was looking for.”

Adolfo Espinosa, Chief Financial Officer, Fundesem Business School


  • As Fundesem's student body grew, they were faced with the challenge, of needing to eact faster and have key figures available on a daily basis.
  • This information goes into determining the course of marketing campaigns according to certain results indicators.


  • Providing a tool to measure results indicators and ascertain turnover figures in a day not a week.
  • Developing each area of the business separately, so that indicators provide a performance evaluation by department as well as aligning with the school’s overall business strategy.
  • Defining key indicators to ensure that actions match the business strategy.
  • Delivering an easy-to-use solution.


  • Fundesem rolled out QlikView as its BI programme. It is used worldwide, quick to deploy, easy to maintain, and represents the value for money Fundesem wanted.


  • Enhanced knowledge and mastery of different areas of the business.
  • Quick flexible analysis
  • Easy to use
  • Great potential for information management.Decentralisation of information

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