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Expert Analytics with QlikView


Regio: Europe, Russia
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Farmaceutische Industrie
Functie: Marketing, Sales

"As a result of implementing QlikView we got a fully functional and convenient solution with high-speed performance. Personally, I was impressed with very fast processing of multi-format data with minimal programming. In addition, QlikView has excellent functionality for visualization - a few simple steps, and complex multi-dimensional indicators or trends transform into clear and convenient form for analysis."

Alexey Shibalkin
Deputy director, department of syndicated pharmaceutical research, GfK Rus’


Gfk Rus’ is a subsidiary of Europe's leading and one of the world's largest marketing research companies GfK Group. Gfk holds marketing research in Russian pharmaceutical and medical markets for over 15 years.


  • Fast Big Data Processing 
  • Effective visualization of multi-dimensional indicators and trends
  • Working with data using minimal technical skill


АТК QlikView for Pharma.


  • Speed of preparation of customized customer reports increased exponentially
  • Increase in customer's loyalty
  • Increased analytical data detalization
  • Increased efficiency of working with data

Partner: ATK Consulting Group

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