Globus Czech Republic

QlikView hyperspeed at Globus hypermarket chain


Regio: Europe, Czech Republic
Bedrijfstak: Consumentenproducten
Functie: Marketing, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain

“We’re seeing some fantastic results from QlikView already. Each member of the commercial team can now easily access information on a self-service basis—that wasn’t possible before.”

—Petr Kriklan, Globus Czech Republic


Established as a small general store in a German city of St. Wendel in 1828, Globus is one of just a few family companies. The first supermarket with the Globus brand was opened in 1966 and today there are more than forty Globus hypermarkets in Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia. 


  • Reducing time to value 
  • Need for data consolidation from multiple unstructured sources
  • Need for better insight into ongoing campaigns and promotions to increase efficiency and profitability of operations


Globus CR is using QlikView in various departments in a whole company. The time needed for analysing individual sales as well as time needed to answer the queries were reduced from hours to minutes.


  • Reduced time of analysis
  • All users have access to the same data in real time

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