Le Groupe Pasteur Mutualité Améliore ses Axes d’Analyses grâce à QlikView

With QlikView, we no longer need to use a complex process of requests and we shortened data treatment delays in passing from an average of one week to less than one day.

—Pierre François, General Manager, Groupe Pasteur Mutualité



Europe, France

  • Bedrijfstak: Verzekeringswezen
  • Functie: Finance, Operations, Sales


  • Federation of mutual insurance companies governed by the Mutual Insurance Code. Created in 1990 by the Association Générale des Médecins de France (AGMF, a General Association of French Physicians). Includes 100 county, national or professional mutual insurance companies.


  • Make the various databases uniform.
  • Reduce the load on the IT department.
  • Respond quickly to requests from all of the staff.
  • Have direct access to the databases in order to get the desired statistics.


  • Deploy QlikView enterprise-wide


  • The staff were used to a burdensome and complex in-house solution and were immediately won over by the ease-of-use and the flexibility of QlikView, without the need for any training.
  • The load on the IT department was reduced by a large number of diverse and varied requests.
  • In a few days QlikView became an indispensable tool.
  • The quick and complete responses satisfied the management comptrollers, leaders of technical studies and the sales staff.
  • It is now possible to analyze cross selection

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