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Gwent Police Improve Intelligence-led Policing with QlikView


Regio: United Kingdom
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Overheid
Functie: Human Resources, Executive, IT, Operations

"There is no doubt that QlikView has driven Gwent Police performance overall, which is improving against ever tougher standards."

Paul Evans
QlikView Developer, Gwent Police


  • Gwent Police covers an area of 600 square miles in the United Kingdom bounded by Abergavenny in the north, Newport in the south, Chepstow in the east, and Caerphilly in the west.


  • Replace previous performance management system that was incapable of providing information for internal stakeholders
  • Provide crime mapping system
  • Offer support for intelligence led policing


  • Gwent Police deployed QlikView in 2007 for performance management at all levels of the organisation but has now extended its use to cover crime mapping and tasking.


  • Improved monitoring of staff and force performance at all levels
  • Crime mapping saved 15.5 hours per individual reducing costs by £350,000
  • Helped match appropriate resources to crime hotspots
  • Updated business critical data from 20 data sources in near real time
  • Helped simplify reporting to the Home Office and regulatory bodies

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