Haws Corporation

Haws Corporation jumpstarts its data discovery with Microsoft Dynamics AX and QlikView


Regio: North America
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Mill Products
Functie: Sales, Finance

“QlikView empowered our end users to learn from their data and make improved business decisions based off of these discoveries.”

Jim Martin, Database Administrator, Haws Corporation


  • Gain visibility into data such as sales orders, margins and inventory
  • Reduce time spent on aggregating reports
  • Empower employees to independently create reports


  • After analyzing Haws’ data visibility challenges, Armanino McKenna, a certified implementation partner of QlikView and one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners for AX, GP and CRM, turned to its Dynamics AX Sales Team to work with Haws to implement a solution that would lay on top of its current AX ERP system
  • Armanino evaluated Haws’ existing business intelligence environment and created QlikView proof-of-concept dashboards with the company’s own data within days
  • Haws deployed QlikView to 30 employees in the Sales, Manufacturing, and Finance departments
  • It took the company less than 7 weeks to develop 3 primary applications


  • Reduced time to find insights from data from 2 days to 30 minutes
  • Achieved data visibility resulting in improved business decision-making

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