Efficiency of development increased by 88% with QlikView



Europe, Russia

  • Bedrijfstak: Consumentenproducten
  • Functie: Finance, IT, Sales

"We improved developer productivity by 88% with help of QlikView. This is the most important achievement"

—Andrey Dmitriev, Head of Development Heinz Russia, IT department


In Russia Heinz works since 1996, owns a factory of baby food in Stavropol region, as well as the food group "Petrosojuz". The company produces ketchup, sauces, pickles, soups, frozen foods, etc. 


  • Reduction of the large number of improvement  requests to a minimum
  • Ensuring transparency of the IT department


Development of analytical solutions for the IT department, QlikView eDesk, which included an analysis of the requests in the IT, internet traffic analysis, an analysis of the press and access rights. Following the development of analytical solutions for the IT department, QlikView eDesk, we were able to quickly identify and eliminate problematic areas in a performance of IT applications, improve the management of full-time developers and control provisions for the payment of external experts.


  • Problem areas and trends identification
  • Effective management of resource development
  • Increased developer productivity by 88%
  • Automatic generation of a knowledge base with instant search
  • Calculation of provisions for the payment of external developers
  • Online tracking of SLA
  • Transparency of IT to business

Partner: АТК Consulting Group

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