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QlikView's Unique User Driven & Intuitive Tools Allow HEROtsc Staff to Control Their Individual Data & Has Revolutionised the Way They Now Measure Staff Performance


Regio: Europe, United Kingdom
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Services
Functie: Executive, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, Operations, Sales

"QlikView is efficient, effective and easy to use."

Niall Gallacher
IT Director


  • Management of large data volumes from office locations
  • Need to radically overhaul the way data was used to to add value to both clients and the business
  • Efficient and cost effective way of uniting, presenting & communicating complex business data


An early adopter of QlikView, HEROtsc recognised the long term benefits provided for the business: speed to deploy; significant reduction in admin costs; and uniformity of views creating a single version of the truth. QlikView is also used to measure employees’ performance, allowing staff to see their own KPI’s enabling data to be mapped against the business organisational structure so managers can readily compare the performance of individual team members against the overall performance of different teams.


  • Speed of deployment, significant reduction in admin costs and uniformity of views
  • Managers have a balanced scorecard showing the quartile performance of each team member
  • Identifying staff who require further coaching
  • Released management’s time, allowing them to concentrate on team coaching and development rather than expending effort collating spread sheet reports
  • Management has significant control over very complex data adding value to clients

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