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Intercontainer Austria

Austria’s leading transport company employees QlikView for Greater transport and data security


Regio: Austria
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Transport & Logistiek
Functie: Operations, Sales, Finance

"We can hardly imagine being without QlikView now. We’re now able to react much more quickly and flexibly to shortfalls. Ad hoc searches used to take hours."

Walter Pell
Head of ICT/ER
Intercontainer Austria


  • One of Austria’s leading transport companies
  • Specialising in container operations (overland and sea routes)
  • Subsidiary of Österreichische Bundesbahnen and Rail Cargo Austria
  • Headquarters in Vienna, other branches in Salzburg, Villach, and Wels


  • Greater transport and data security
  • Comprehensive reporting for individual clients and branches
  • Reduction in the time formerly taken by manual tasks (pivot tables and cross-referencing in Excel)
  • Current oversight of capacities is required


  • Analysis using QlikView for business management, controls, IT, sales and marketing:
  • Management: rapid overview of situation in the branches for efficient control with rapid, well-substantiated decisions
  • Sales: analysis of train capacity utilisation produces immediate action in the event of bottlenecks in supply or poor utilisation of capacity
  • Client reports: quantity evaluations, import and export oversight
  • All responsible persons actively involved from the start in the development process (approach to coaching)
  • Time spent on monthly client reports reduced from five to three days


  • Faster data access for more secure decision-making processes
  • Immediate response to client shortfalls
  • Better advance assessment of utilisation of capacity
  • Unification and improvement of analyses and reports
  • visible in this way

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