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As a news company, IDG has its own compelling story with QlikView


Regio: Denmark
Omzet: >$1B
Bedrijfstak: Media
Functie: Executive, Finance, Sales, Web

“QlikView is a true management tool. The Managing Director and CFO have visual dashboards with KPIs to monitor the financial performance of all departments against their operating plan. We can see how the business is doing right now—on the fly. It doesn’t take two or three days.” Jacob Hoffmann-Petersen, IT Manager, IDG Denmark A/S


  • International subsidiary of IDG, the world’s leading technology media, research, and event company, with more than 300 magazines and newspapers, 400 technology-specific websites, and 170 computer-related events worldwide
  • Achieved $2.8 billion in revenue with 13,600 employees on a worldwide basis
  • Need alternative to manually aggregating data from disparate sources into Excel for business analysis and reporting
  • Require a robust BI solution that can be supported with limited staff, time and budget
  • Data volume of exceeded manual analysis capabilities


  • Deployed QlikView to 50 users across 4 functions in Denmark:
  • Executive Analysis: Assess financial performance of each department against operating plan; conduct forecasting and benchmarking
  • Sales Analysis: Track sales performance; analyze average selling prices of ads, ad traffic and demographics, and customer-preferred products
  • Web Content Analysis: Capture website visitors‘ viewing behaviors to understand the articles and topics that drove the highest traffic volume
  • Financial Analysis: Measure revenue versus expenses in multiple dimensions and trend comparisons going back more than 10 years
  • Deployed first prototype in only 45 days and a follow-on application for web analysis in only 3 hours
  • Built a near-complete data model for sales analysis in only 15 days based on a trial version download and an online tutorial
  • LeveragedQlikView Server to aggregate millions of records from Siebel CRM, Navision ERP, and a Web Content System


  • True “just-in-time“ snapshots of business performance allowing management to monitor, manage and optimize the business
  • Sales people out selling smarter with more informed insights, instead of spending time updating and analyzing spreadsheets
  • Single-source reporting from millions of lines of data
  • Quick, easily developed “mini applications“ for individual needs

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