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Regio: Asia Pacific, Australia
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Natuurlijke hulpbronnen
Functie: Operations, Supply Chain

“We generate monthly reports for each forum and there’s one common set of data. The behaviour of participants has changed. The QlikView reports are now accepted as the truth, with reports coming from other sources questioned as soon as they’re produced and tabled.”

Mario Chetcuti, General Manager, ILCo.


  • ILCo is the independent operator of the Dalrymple Bay Coal Chain, a major coal supply chain made up of 14 mining companies, train line operators, logistics companies and government agencies in the northern Bowen Basin part of central Queensland, Australia.


  • Through careful negotiation, 79 performance measures were agreed across all 14 participants. Each participant in the coal chain then provided ILCo with their part of the data to support the measurement of the performance indicators.This was loaded in the SIBA PMF QlikView data repository and made accessible to all the participants, creating a single, agreed version of the truth.


  • By having a single version of the truth all of the participants in the Dalrymple Bay Coal Chain are able to focus on improving the performance of the coal chain rather than wasting time arguing over which data is correct. This has led to improved operational forecasting and smarter decisions when it comes to infrastructure investment.

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