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Istobal entrusts BI analysis to QlikView


Regio: Spain
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Automotive
Functie: Executive, Sales, Service & Support, Operations, Supply Chain, Finance

"With QlikView a whole range of possibilities has opened up for tracking indicators and data origin. The dynamic tool provides better and more efficient information analysis to drive decision-making."

Francisco Javier Soto Liu,
Managing Controller,


  • Istobal is a leader in the car, automobile, lorry and bus washing tools sector having achieved a dominant position as a manufacturer of lubricating equipment
  • Headquartered in L’Alcudia, Valencia
  • Employs over 500 people and exports products to more than 62 countries worldwide
  • Industry: Automotive


  • Implement BI tools for fast, agile and easy tracking
  • Improve BI analyses and reports to support better decision-making
  • Respond effectively to the current economic climate


  • QlikView was deployed to integrate databases from diverse systems and Excel flat files, as well as to serve as a BI tool that is dynamic and easy for the company to use and develop
  • Implemented across Executive, Sales, Service & Support, Operations, Supply Chain and Finance
  • 45 users are working with the BI software at the head offices in L’Alcudia in Valencia and at branches in various regions of Spain, as well as at Istobal branch offices in the UK, Austria and the US
  • Istobal is migrating from an AS/400 to Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP business management software


  • Improvements in performance due to analyses extracted to calculate sales margins, sales per customer, geographical area or product line, target attainment, and budget control
  • Dynamic daily analysis, helping users react with greater flexibility
  • Reports available daily instead of in weeks or months

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