Karls Megasports

Karl’s Megasports

Karl’s Megasports gains business visibility from Point of Sale through to financials, sales, customer loyalty, inventory and reporting


Regio: Asia Pacific, Australia
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Executive, Finance, Operations, Sales

“I knew that QlikView could be used effectively by a non-finance person to monitor sell-through, follow trends and access the information required.”

Darren Moncrieff, CFO, Karl’s Mega Sports


  • Leading sports and surf retailer in Victoria, Australia.
  • 3 Mega Stores stocking a wide range of products for men, women and children.


  • Recognised the need for increased efficiency, accountability and control across the organisation from Point of Sale through to financials, sales, customer loyalty, inventory and reporting.


  • Deployed Shopkeeper for retail management from Markinson with QlikView as the analytics and reporting interface.
  • All GL, Sales and Inventory data uploaded into QlikView. Sales structured by department and then product group.
  • Business performance analysis undertaken by CFO and GM.
  • Stock level analysis undertaken by individual buyers.
  • QlikView application built to analyse KPI’s that drive performance:
  • % Gross Profit
  • Location variance analysis and budget
  • Effective sell-through


  • Insights were accessible straight away. Team was trained easily and using the solution competently in just a few days.
  • Increased transparency across business units; provides the platform for small businesses to operate in the same league as major corporates.
  • Time savings for buying team who have full visibility of stock; no guesswork.
  • Cash flow savings through accuracy of buying decisions.
  • Quick and easy performance monitoring and reporting:
  • Buyers monitored on % of Gross Profit
  • Store Managers monitored on individual P&L performance

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