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Leading gas distribution company innovates to provide information management at the ‘qlik’ of a button


Regio: Europe, Turkey
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Utilities
Functie: Executive, Sales, Marketing, IT

"QlikView enabled us to access information from different departments and data sources to have fast and functional analysis."

Hasan Yasir Bora
General Manager


  • Kayserigaz is one of the leading natural gas distribution companies.  The company is owned by EWE AG, which has an eighty per cent holding in the Turkish energy supplier, the Calik Group and Kayseri municipality, each with a ten per cent holding.  It plans and delivers gas expansion projects, builds, runs and maintains the natural gas distribution for the province of Kayseri.  Delivering gas to consumers and businesses and providing customer service, Kayserigaz also sells to the retail segment of the utilities market.


  • Consolidation of data stored in the SAP and Oracle databases.
  • Managing inconsistencies and inaccurate data, providing one version of the truth.
  • Providing end-users with one single system with visibility into more than one data source.


  • Kayserigaz combined data from its SAP and Oracle database to enhance the relevance of the reports with detailed information and calculate Key Performance Indicators, which had not been possible before.  The most critical information that impacts on the organizations customer service levels is now available to all end-users at the touch of a button.  50 million invoice tables for subscribers and over 250,000 items containing detailed information on each of the subscribers is now available for analysis and reporting, making data become profitable information.


  • Reports previously generated by the IT department that took many hours to extract, are now generated by the users themselves using QlikView, at speeds that are incomparable to the old days.
  • Insight into the data and its inconsistencies across the different databases.
  • A 10% increase in work efficiency across the entire organization.
  • A move towards self-service analysis and reporting, empowering the users.
  • End-users can now transform the data in their hands into information, the senior management monitors company trends using visual and interactive dashboards via management cockpits.

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