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KGM Kugelfabrik

KGM Kugelfabrik implements QlikView in just four weeks for clear Business Discovery.


Regio: Europe, Germany
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Automotive
Functie: Operations, Sales

“With QlikView we have rapid access to all indicators relevant to us and can analyze data with flexibility – from a bird’s view right down to the fine detail.”

—Michael Weisshaupt, Head of IT, KGM Kugelfabrik


  • Production and international sales of precision spheres made from a wide range of materials
  • Established in 1913


  • Long start up times and laborious analysis
  • Evaluation and graphic preparation only by conversion to Excel spreadsheets
  • Different evaluations required
  • Static evaluations that enable comparisons between two time periods
  • Diverse data sources (Microsoft Dynamics, Access, Excel)


  • Quality management – customer satisfaction analysis indicators as part of quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 standards
  • Sales – usage, business potential, turnover according to client/region/sector
  • General management – turnover figures


  • Implementation after just four weeks
  • No rigid OLAP cubes
  • Flexible and simple information format
  • Analysis covers the entire database
  • Optimised quality management
  • Updated analysis
  • Dynamic evaluations

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