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La Mancha Resources Australia: “Dare to Dream”


Regio: Asia Pacific, Australia
Bedrijfstak: Natuurlijke hulpbronnen
Functie: Finance, IT, Operations, Supply Chain

"QlikView has profoundly improved our transparency when it comes to cost reporting, creating the biggest cultural change as a result of a system that I have seen in my 26 years in the industry.”

Brett Fordham, Commercial Manager
La Mancha Resources


La Mancha Resources is a global gold mining company with significant projects in both Australia and Africa.


  • Time consuming month-end and year-end reporting 
  • Little transparency on allocation of costs
  • Low utilisation of existing systems in some departments


La Mancha Resources Australia implemented QlikView in January 2011. It currently has 25 named users with full access to the product, as well as five read-only users who can each access one dashboard relevant to their department.


  • Significant time savings for month-end reporting 
  • Improved company cost culture and cost control
  • Increased transparency of data and flow-on effect to other aspects of the business
  • Support critical business decisions with relevant, timely data
  • Better ROI on ERP

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