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Masoutis mobilizes decision making team with QlikView


Regio: Europe, Greece
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Finance, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain

"Thanks to masinfo (QlikView application), we can now evaluate and plan much more efficiently our promotions and campaigns. Its unique visualization capabilities have made my team enthusiastic and eager to adopt it. QlikView facilitates fast and accurate decision making that will keep us one step ahead of the competition."

—Ioannis Masoutis, President Masoutis Supermarkets


  • The fastest growing Supermarket in Greece.
  • 250 + Outlets and over 6.000 employees.
  • Revenue: aprox. 750 Mil €.


  • User driven manipulation and Analysis of over 500 million records 
  • Combine data from 4 different application / data sources including DB2, MS-SQL etc 
  • One platform for implementing standard company MIS, plus ad hoc Reporting.
  • Secure Mobile access on the actual data.


Masinfo (code name for QlikView application) supports over 70 Business users throughout Masoutis organization including Top Management, permitting every user to use a tablet. 


  • Analysis of 500 million records of actual data at a mouse-click in milliseconds. 
  • Ease of use and fast user adoption
  • Secure access to actual data, anywhere, from any device
  • Data visualization facilitates fact based decision making
  • Reduced reporting time from 1-3 hours to seconds
  • Enabled Scenarios and What if Analysis. 
  • Self-service BI solution, freeing IT resources for other projects

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