Messier-Bugatti-Dowty (Safran)

Upgrade from v9 to v11.2.


Regio: Europe, United Kingdom
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Consumentenproducten, Automotive
Functie: Executive, Finance, IT

“I have never encountered a solution that is so simple to use as QlikView. The whole migration was done in 40 minutes and no down time!”

—Matt Maguire, Systems Analyst, Messier Services Ltd


Messier-Bugatti-Dowty (Safran) is the world leader in aircraft landing and braking systems, encompassing the full life cycle of products, ranging from design and manufacture to in-service support, repair and overhaul. The company is a partner to 30 leading commercial, military, business and regional airframers, and supports more than 23,000 aircraft making over 40,000 landings every day.


  • QlikView under utilized and only used for reporting
  • Needed to leverage platform as strategic BI toolkit
  • Migration required minimal downtime as part of ERP launch


  • QlikView 11.2 deployed onto new 64-bit server as part of MRP strategic solution in 40 minutes with no re-boot or down time.
  • QlikView delivered as strategic BI tool for use from ‘shop floor’, to IT, finance and management as business discovery for data access, analysis, manipulation and reporting.
  • QlikView had to encompass company culture of ‘continuous improvement’ where employee ideas are encouraged. Users can share ideas and develop new apps and dashboards easily and quickly.


  • Immediate access to and analysis of ‘critical’ historical aircraft data
  • All users can self-learn and self-serve
  • Ease in building new apps recognized and company provided ‘QlikView Café’ to encourage user collaboration

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