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Murau Brewery uses QlikView to monitor figures on costs


Regio: Austria
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Consumentenproducten
Functie: Executive

"With QlikView we can now make corporate decisions based on concrete facts extracted from daily data updates. We no longer wait for an end-of-year report to ascertain where processes and costs could have been optimized."

Elisabeth Knapp,
IT Manager,
Obermurtaler Brauereigenossenschaft


  • Headquartered in Austria
  • Obermurtaler Brauereigenossenschaft, registered in Murau as a limited co-operative, is one of Austria’s leading breweries
  • The company supplies customers in the general retail trade sector, specialist outlets and the catering business, with various sorts of beer as well as soft drinks and juices
  • In 2009, its 180 employees generated a turnover of €34.3 million
  • Industry: Consumer Products


  • Need accompanying cost accounting
  • Improve mobile access to current data for staff working offsite
  • Make ad-hoc analyses possible


  • Thirty-five staff use QlikView for turnover reports, operating efficiency analyses, customer segment reports, product groups, regions and other needs
  • The simple and fast implementation of QlikView meant the deployment and first applications took just seven weeks
  • QlikView assesses 7.2 million sets of data for the brewery
  • Management can access current figures on costs, turnover and operating efficiency and see which products can generate most profit, where in the company costs are too high, or how business has developed over the past three months


  • Daily updated assessments
  • Comparisons over different periods of time
  • Mobile access
  • Full exploitation of the information potential for company data

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