Noble Group

Noble Group

Noble Group Improves Business Efficiency By Deploying QlikView


Regio: Asia Pacific, Hong Kong
Bedrijfstak: Engineering, Bouw & Vastgoed
Functie: Finance, Human Resources, IT, Supply Chain

"QlikView has allowed us to access critical business data that has been locked away inside legacy vendor systems and present and distribute these data globally to interested parties."

Peter Blanks, CIO Asia Pacific, Noble Group


The Noble Group manages the global supply chain of agricultural and energy products, metals and minerals. With it’s headquarters in Hong Kong, the company owns and manages a portfolio of strategic assets, sourcing from low costs producers and supplying to high growth demand markets.


  • Improve the process and cost of business reporting & data mining
  • New  & timely reports that do not replicate information
  • Consolidate similar/same data held across platforms


QlikTech partner Velocity Business Solutions deployed QlikView for Noble Group.


  • Better support for Operational Improvement programmes
  • Increased efficiency opportunities
  • Improved revenue generation

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