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Het Noorderpoort Transitions to an Empowered Management Model Using QlikView


Regio: Europe, Netherlands
Bedrijfstak: Onderwijs / Non-Profit
Functie: Executive, Marketing, Operations, Service & Support, Finance, Human Resources

"QlikView provides all of our 1,500 staff members with uniform insight into our data. It offers each employee access to analytics capabilities, the possibility of timely intervention and even forecasting for the business processes that are relevant for them.”

— Albert Vlaardingerbroek, Administrative Service Director, Het Noorderpoort


With 22 different schools, over 17,500 students and 1,500 employees, Het Noorderpoort is the largest regional training center (ROC) in North Netherlands.


  • To implement a BI solution for controlling processes as well as results
  • To offer staff members the tools required to report on and analyze results and processes for their relevant subareas.


  • Het Noorderpoort implemented a QlikView environment offering reporting and analysis capabilities for 12 different thematic areas and made it accessible to all of its 1,500 employees. 


  • Insight into high-grade data for everybody.
  • Timely intervention in processes and prediction of possible outcomes.
  • Time savings for IT thanks to a reduction in end user requests related to ad hoc reporting.
  • Creation of the right setting for a shift towards the Rhinelandian management model.
  • An increase in educational quality and student and staff involvement.
  • Improvement of the KPI fill rate for government funding..

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