North Middlesex University Hospital NHS

QlikView drives culture change at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust


Regio: Europe, United Kingdom
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Gezondheidszorg
Functie: Executive, Human Resources, IT, Operations, Service & Support, Web

“QlikView has been incredibly powerful, it really has changed the culture of the organisation.”

Chris James
Project Manager, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust


  • The North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust serves a diverse and, in places, highly dependent population of approximately 250,000 people.


  • The Trust wanted to drive efficiencies, whilst improving patient care. They needed a tool that created reports more easily and allowed comparisons to be made between departments.


  • QlikView introduced to provide interactive reports, identify inefficiencies in processes and allow easier comparison between peers to understand best practice.


  • Delivered to users across the organisation within 3 months
  • Helping to drive efficiencies and improve performance, allowing more time to focus on in patient care
  • Monitoring performance against Key Performance indicators
  • Removed need for further data warehousing

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