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Regio: United States
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Gezondheidszorg
Functie: Operations

On a daily basis, the CEO views a dashboard of performance metrics such as utilization to assess the health of the organization.


  • A leading healthcare organization that includes a main campus hospital and clinic as well as 24 clinics throughout its region. Widely recognized as a center of excellence for research, patient care and education.
  • Ochsner has ~ 475 beds, 18 operating rooms and supports 13,543 surgeries per year
  • Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Non-profit organization with 7,000 employees


  • Shift from a reactive mode to proactive decision-making
  • Gain a complete understanding of the performance metrics of their clinical operations


  • Deployed QlikView to 20 users across 2 functions in US
  • Clinical Operations Analysis: Monitor surgical room utilization and turnaround times to maximize capacity. Identify long turnaround times between cases in OR to streamline process
  • Resource Planning Analysis: Measure surgical room utilization and impact on revenue generation as 70% of revenue driven from surgeries; Assess # of procedures and costs by case for manual surgery versus potential for robotic surgery
  • Rapid implementation in just days with pre-built views with SIS Analytics powered by QlikView
  • Leveraged SIS Analytics (QlikView) to integrate data across the primary systems for finance, materials and clinical


  • Reduced costs sufficiently to be able to cost justify a new $1.3 million Da Vinci Robot which provides minimally invasive surgery for prostatectomy patients
  • Used analytics at a key board meeting to demonstrate the number of cases the new robot would affect and its return on investment. Gained the budget approval for purchase
  • Saved more than 24-hours per month in resources used for reactive report generation, enabling them to reallocate these resources to more strategic initiatives
  • Moved to a proactive management approach through the use of real-time information with ability to perform ad-hoc analysis

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