Odeabank Chooses QlikView for Fast, Accurate Business Discovery Analysis


Regio: Europe, Turkey
Bedrijfstak: Retail Banken
Functie: Executive, Finance, Operations, Sales

"We wanted to make rapid and accurate decisions based on measurements and analysis inspired by the ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’ principle. For this reason, QlikView was our business partner and choice for BI solutions."

F. Tayfun Küçük, Vice President, Technology, Odeabank


Odeabank in Turkey is a new bank wholly owned by Banque Audi Sal-Audi Saradar Group of Lebanon. It opened its first branch in Istanbul in November 2012.


  • Create business discovery platform for new bank
  • Provide BI to a range of employees in new branch network
  • Deliver dashboards to staff using mobile devices


OdeaBank deployed QlikView to key employees in management and sales after just two months to support its branch expansion network. 


  • Provided self-service analysis capabilities to all business units
  • Offered staff access to BI dashboards via mobile devices
  • Enabled bank to analyze feedback from social media
  • Monitored viewer figures for bank videos on YouTube

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