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QlikView supports our business at any stage of development


Regio: Europe, Russia
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Executive, Finance, Sales, Supply Chain

"I can tell that the use of QlikView supports our business at any stage of development, and we have felt it ourselves. At a startup stage when the company had to win the market, the Business Intelligence system helped us to allocate the resources effectively, to crystallize the target market segment, to optimize the strategy for aggressive growth. But even now, with our leading position in the industry, we do not imagine our work without QlikView - it has become for us an indispensable tool for making management decisions in a daily activity of the company."

Oleg Krasnoborov
CEO, OktoPrint Service


  • OktoPrint Service is the large distribution company delivering expendable materials and running spares for all types of the printing equipment. The commodity nomenclature of OktoPrint Service constitutes more than 3.000 items of polygraphic expendable materials. OktoPrint Service has representations in 5 regions of Russia and a network of dealers.


  • Creation of the analytics tool for daily decision making of every department
  • Integration of corporate data sources into a single information field
  • Improvement of the financial reporting quality
  • Increase of efficiency and presentation of the analytical information


  • Reduced response time to user's requests by about 40%
  • Increased granularity of the analytical information by 50 %
  • Increased efficiency of inventory planning
  • Increased clients loyalty
  • Increased amount of the average client order
  • Increased business transparency

Partner: ATK Consulting group

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