Omeir Travel

Omeir Travel in Abu Dhabi Enhances Corporate Customer Service with QlikView


Regio: Middle East, United Arab Emirates
Bedrijfstak: Services
Functie: Executive, Finance, Operations, Sales

"The graphical interface in QlikView is amazing—it’s very clear. It’s providing us with greater visibility of performance within Omeir Travel by delivering accurate figures and highly improved analytics, with no need for manual intervention."

Sameer Gunaseelan, Group IT Manager, Omeir Travel Agency 


Omeir Travel Agency in the United Arab Emirates is the leading—and oldest—travel management company in the emirate specializing in different niches of travel. It employs 400+ people.


  • Gain rapid access to “big data” from disparate systems
  • Automate sales, finance, and operations analysis and reporting
  • Extend analysis and reports to corporate customers


Omeir Travel deployed QlikView initially to its travel business, but is now planning to extend it to other divisions within the Omeir Bin Youssef Group in Abu Dhabi. 


  • Provided reliable figures for analysis and reports
  • Replaced largely cube-based systems for BI
  • Delivered aggregated analysis to individual corporate
  • Integrated big data from disparate information systems

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