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Panasonic Netherlands preserves the environment by using QlikView to select information


Regio: Netherlands
Omzet: $100M-$1B
Bedrijfstak: High Tech
Functie: Finance, Marketing, Sales, Service & Support, Supply Chain

"QlikView fits together logically. You ask a question and are ‘automatically’ led to the answer. ‘Qlik,’ and ‘View’. That’s all there is to it!"

Marcel Farla
Deputy Director of IT & Service, Panasonic Netherlands


  • Leading supplier and distributor of a broad range of digital and other electronic products for consumer and business markets


  • Generate understandable management information – anytime
  • Distill and manipulate data from standard ERP package quickly and easily
  • Improve efficiency: saving time, energy and paper, amongst others


  • Panasonic Netherlands deployed QlikView to 44 employees in less than two weeks. With QlikView, Panasonic Netherlands now analyzes customer, product, inventory, and service data - all focused on driving corporate performance. With the QlikView Server, Panasonic Netherlands easily supports security and visibility while handling large data volume.


  • Improved sales and service performance with greater insight into operations
  • Provided a platform that delivers a distinctly logical structure and presents information in an universally understandable format
  • Implemented within the timetable and budget
  • Saved paper, storage space and transport costs

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