Pilot Gains a Dynamic View of Sales with QlikView

The QlikView deployment met our budget constraints and deadline, essential to a company our size.

—Patrick Forveille, Corporate Services Manager, Pilot Corporation of Europe



Europe, France

  • Omzet: N/A
  • Bedrijfstak: Consumentenproducten
  • Functie: Marketing, Operations, Finance


  • Pilot is number two in Europe in the development and marketing of writing instruments
  • Originally, a Japanese company, Pilot Corporation of Europe has an annual turnover of more than €100 million and prides itself on innovation in a highly competitive market
  • Industry: Consumer Products


  • Acquire a single unified reporting system
  • Optimize and harmonize retrieval, aggregation and analysis of reporting data
  • Reduce lead time for generating reports


  • With the help of QlikView, Pilot deployed standardized accessible reporting across all departments
  • Due to QlikView’s associative data modeling feature, Pilot has obtained a simple, reliable solution for analyzing its product offer and complex distributor network
  • Deployment of the tool met all the company’s budget constraints and deadlines and occurred within four months


  • Helps users constantly change their analysis axes
  • Complete analysis and access to a situation overview
  • Enables the ability to add external data such as budgets and panels
  • Provides monitoring of sales portfolio in real time and subsequently more fine-tuned forecasts
  • Makes applications available to all

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