Posolsky Dom, Group of companies

QlikView in Posolsky Dom: analytics for the biggest holding in Tula region


Regio: Europe, Russia
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Finance, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Executive, Supply Chain

"In QlikView we have consolidated the data of a 10 years period for the whole group of companies, and now analytical apps work sustainably. A user can build a necessary ad-hoc report in a couple of minutes."

—Dmitry Zherzdev, BI specialist, Group of Companies «Posolsky Dom»


Group of Companies «Posolsky Dom» operates on consumer market of Tula region since 1994 and now is one of the largest regional holdings with more than 2000 staff.

Now Group of Companies «Posolsky Dom» is represented in 3 key business-areas:

  • Logistics and distribution – “United Distribution Company”,
  • Entertainment  – “Premier”,
  • Media – “Media-trust”.. 


  • Easy consolidation of all the data necessary for business user
  • Increase in the speed of development of new analytical apps and reports
  • The only analytical instrument for multi-KPI analysis  for every level of top-management 


QlikView implementation project was initially planned by Posolsky Dom CIO, Alexander Nikonov, as the company internal project. So as to acquire skills, internal developers team participated in ATK QlikView training for BI designers and developers and started to develop QlikView apps by themselves.

For each company in Posolsky Dom group of companies, there was developed an analytical app. All these apps are developed in accordance with DAR methodology (from dashboards to analytics and reports). This structure helps to spot-out problem areas quickly on the upper level (dashboard) and then, by using detailed analytics and reports, find out the cause of the problem, people in charge and think about possible solutions.


  • Minimization of routine tasks of reports development
  • Reduction of time and financial expenses
  • Better interaction with customers to increase sales
  • Discovering of new market opportunities

Partner: AТК Consulting Group

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