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Province of Bolzano creates statistics with QlikView


Regio: Italy
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Overheid
Functie: IT, Operations

"QlikView technology is the ideal tool to analyze highly complex data combinations in terms of quantity and heterogeneity." Massimo Torresani, Director of the Computing, Geography and Statistics Office, Autonomous Province of Bolzano


  • The Office for Computing, Geography and Statistics of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano manages the entire information system and serves 6,000 workstations.
  • Main client is the Provincial Statistics Institute, which runs provincial statistics analyses.
  • The Office operates within the 9th Department of Computing, which manages the Provincial Administration’s entire information system, serving approximately 6,000 workstations.
  • Provides IT support to users who need to process various statistics in departments belonging to the entire Provincial Administration.


  • Find a user-friendly tool that presents detailed findings.
  • Install a system that does not require complex technological infrastructures.
  • Analyze highly complex data combinations efficiently.


  • Deploy QlikView to ~170 employees.
  • Analyze provincial statistics such as traffic data.
  • Analyze the performance of agencies with metrics such as educational study grants, healthcare mobility and status of social services projects. 3.
  • Aggregate volumes of data across systems and provide easy access to this information across the Internet to its key agency constituents.


  • Gained ability for end-users to analyze any information in depth, regardless of its position.
  • Users may access the system as “Clients” or via the Web.
  • “On the fly” calculation algorithms provide more accurate search results.

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