PTI Kapal

PT Kapal Api

QlikView Provides Business Discovery for PT. Kapal Api Global’s Big Data


Regio: Asia Pacific, Indonesia
Bedrijfstak: Consumentenproducten
Functie: Executive, Finance, Operations, Sales

“We found that QlikView generated reports in less than 20 seconds for nationwide analysis, and 2 seconds for regional or branch level analysis all with raw un-aggregated data. This speed would not have been achieved with conventional BI tools.”

—Mr. Horasi Ambara, Group IT Lead, PT. Kapal Api Global


PT. Kapal Api Global engages in the manufacture and distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Its flagship coffee brand, Kapal Api (“Steam Ship” in Bahasa Indonesia) represents the central pillar of its business and has nationwide distribution. The company has seven business subsidiaries and engages in the manufacture, distribution and retail of coffee products. With a distribution footprint that includes more than 500,000 stores nationwide.


  • Performance issues when analyzing huge amounts of data (1.5 billion records, 200 million rows)
  • 2-3 week gap needed to prepare analysis, affecting decision making
  • Conventional reporting tools unable to cope with huge data sets and frequent user changes to analytical requirements


PT. Kapal Api Global deployed QlikView to 65 employees in less than 7 weeks.


  • A user-friendly dashboard to visualize business intelligence
  • Reduced lead time to business intelligence reporting facilitated actionable insights and decision making
  • A 2013 roadmap for operational efficiency and business expansion supported by QlikView

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