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QlikView Supports Reifenhäuser’s Performance Optimisation Drive


Regio: Europe, Germany
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Industriele Machinerieën
Functie: Operations, Supply Chain

“The speed of our evaluation operations with QlikView is awesome, absolutely no limits are set on the flexibility of our monitoring operations and service is intuitive.”

Rolf Krüger, Head of Information Systems, Reifenhäuser


  • For Reifenhäuser the situation at the outset of the BI project was challenging. The previous systems had failed to provide any comprehensive evaluation of the in-house databases. The costs involved in making even the slightest modifications were prohibitive. Using Excel spreadsheets when working on complex analysis operations was unproductive and the results could not be easily reproduced.


  • Initial staff resistance about working with operational ratios and figures
  • Provides key figures for process measurement and control and provide market trends visualisation
  • Analysis of data from various disparate sources


  • Reifenhäuser deployed QlikView to 200 for analysis of turnover and margins, lead and turnaround times, deadline compliance, project schedules, and recycling of product items.


  • Simple application for departments ranging from management and technical to assembly
  • One system meets all analysis, visualisation, and reporting demands
  • Transparency on both figures and processes ensures full use of optimisation potential

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