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Rexam Improves Decision Making With Instant Reports From QlikView


Regio: Europe, United Kingdom
Bedrijfstak: Mill Products
Functie: Executive, Finance, Operations

" The major benefit with QlikView is that it helps people to make decisions quickly—it’s difficult to place a value on that. But the value is definitely there. The time taken to produce reports is now minimal because users import data from SAP instantly."

Steve Thomason, Business Analyst
Rexam Beverage Can Europe & Asia


  • Extract business data from SAP and other data sources to create ad hoc reports.
  • Enable executives to highlight key accounts and drill down into products, countries, and sales offices.
  • Deliver timely performance data to support rapid strategic decision making


Rexam deployed QlikView initially for its executives to monitor the performance of key accounts by extracting data from SAP, Oracle, and Excel data sources. By the end of 2011 around 10 applications had been created.


  • Reports in near real time that previously took up to 5 days.
  • Executives are now able to make decisions with a single version of the truth.
  • User created reports, and selfserving the organisation results in significant cost and time savings.

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