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Robinsons Brewery selects QlikView to provide essential business intelligence


Regio: Europe, United Kingdom
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Executive, IT, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Sales, Service & Support, Supply Chain

"QlikView sells itself, and it has done so internally within our business. People are requesting QlikView for their own departments. This is something I haven’t seen in the 26 years I’ve worked at Robinsons."

Simon Burchill
IT Systems Manager,
Robinsons Brewery


  • Effectively unite a mass of information by overhauling the existing reporting system
  • Extracting data from different sources made reporting an expensive and time consuming process, taking up to two weeks to create reports


  • Originally, QlikView was introduced for the use of the Business Development Managers
  • Using QlikView’s user-driven Business Discovery application, the Business Development Managers were able to access this vital information, which was easy to analyze, presented in digestible graphs and charts, and located in one place
  • Now, due to its success, QlikView has been deployed throughout Robinsons by different departments including Marketing, Finance, Sales, Quality Control and Utilities


  • Flexible, easy to use and intuitive reporting system, which is efficient and cost effective
  • Reports delivered at an increased speed and with a reduced cost
  • Due to the success of QlikView, it has been deployed throughout Robinsons by several departments

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