Royal Jordanian Airlines

Royal Jordanian Airlines

Royal Jordanian Airlines Uses QlikView to Analyze Route Profitability Fast


Regio: Jordan
Bedrijfstak: Transport & Logistiek
Functie: Executive, Finance, Operations, Sales

“QlikView is better than Facebook. It is our choice for ‘big data’ business discovery at Royal Jordanian Airlines.”

Omar Alsaeed, Chief Finance Officer, Royal Jordanian Airlines


  • Until recently, Royal Jordanian struggled to manage the increasing volumes of big data in its Oracle system. Ali Abuhijleh, Vice President/ Finance, Royal Jordanian Airlines, says: “We needed a better understanding of the business. This meant having detailed data on many aspects of operations, including fuel consumption, cabin and cockpit functions, mail and courier traffic, and catering costs.”


  • Gain rapid access to "big data" on route profitability
  • Reduce time for analysis and reporting
  • Introduce self-service analysis for users


  • Royal Jordanian Airlines deployed QlikView for 16 licensed users and also has 21 personal editions of the business discovery software.


  • Reduced time to data visibility and discovery
  • Enabled faster decision making
  • Delivered first three applications in just three months
  • delivered near real-time analysis

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