Ruffer LLP

QlikView Gives Ruffer Innovative Answers to Everyday Problems


Regio: Europe, United Kingdom
Bedrijfstak: Securities & Investments
Functie: Finance

“QlikView can be installed rapidly, using a template approach, which is perfect for our business needs.”

Murray Shaw
Systems Manager, Bakkavör


  • Meet the demand for better data management and analysis from Ruffer
  • Reduce the time and resources currently being spent internally on spreadsheets
  • Move staff on from a “spreadsheet mentality”
  • Help provide one version of the truth


  • QlikView used as a tool to approach a series of problems/ challenges at Ruffer
  • Ruffer’s IT Associate Jamie Wooltorton trained to build QlikView applications
  • Jamie is now helping other Ruffer staff to become self-sufficient in creating their own applications
  • A set of applications to help different areas of Ruffer’s business are now being delivered
  • This includes an important new “Funds Under Management” application


  • Improved data analysis and management from instant access to flexible, accurate and up-to-date information
  • Greater understanding of what is happening across the firm’s activities
  • Ruffer can now analyse areas, and answer key business questions, that were hard to do before QlikView was installed

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