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sahibinden.com Instantly Monitors Sales Performance With QlikView


Regio: Europe, Turkey
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Finance, Marketing, Operations, Sales

"Sometimes you meet someone for the first time, but feel you’ve known them for years. It is a similar feeling with QlikView.”

Emre Kesmen, Business Intelligence and CRM Department Manager


sahibinden.com was established in Turkey in 2000 and belongs to the Aksoy Group of companies. It is Turkey’s largest e-trade platform, with 200 employees, 2 billion page views a month, 22 million individual visitors each month, 2.5 million active advertisements, and tens of thousands of products.


  • Reduce time taken for queries on high volume data
  • Manage data control and calculations from a single centre
  • Deploy new BI solution quickly and cost effectively


sahibinden.com deployed QlikView in just four weeks to create an integrated BI system which everyone can use - from the sales department to finance.


  • Targeted situation reports consolidated into a single system
  • Products queried instantaneously according to category and customer metrics
  • High-volume data analysis, produced in seconds not hours
  • Reporting extended to fraud prevention

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