QlikView Customer Sathya


Sathya Agencies Saves INR 5 Crores With Improved Inventory Visibility


Regio: Asia Pacific, India
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Finance, Sales, Service & Support, Human Resources

“QlikView’s associative experience and in-memory capabilities, made it the best option over other alternatives. The tool is extremely easy to use and users get on to it quickly and use it regularly.”

–J. Johnson, Chairman, Sathya Group of Companies


  • Sathya Agencies, with more than 33 stores in the state of Tamil Nadu in India, is a fast growing electronics retailer. With the core belief of offering quality products at affordable prices Sathya guarantees a wide product range, best brands, customer satisfaction and at competitive pricing to its customers


  • Duplication in reporting and delayed response times across departments
  • Lack of visibility into excess and non performing stock at all times caused logistic issues
  • Lack of access to a variety of information required for effective sales campaign executions
  • Lack of mobile access to information for travelling senior management


  • Sathya deployed QlikView to more than 50 users across all functional areas andstore managers in less than 4 months


  • Achieved efficiency in inventory management by reducing inventory from 45 days to 30 days stock
  • Efficient inventory management results in savings of INR 5 Crores within 3 months of QlikView rollout
  • Better insights into account receivables, decreases overdue from 92% to 73% strengthening cash flow and reducing bad debt
  • Product managers are better able to understand customer and season patterns for sales campaigns effectively
  • Mobile access allows senior management to get information on demand, enabling faster decision making

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