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SK Pari

Automation of highly labor-intensive tasks with QlikView


Regio: Europe, Russia
Bedrijfstak: Verzekeringswezen
Functie: Executive, Finance, Sales

"All functions in the framework of QlikView are extremely important for the company as a new level of help automate highly labor-intensive task."

—Dmitry Bass, head of the IT department, SK "PARI"


SK Pari is a universal insurance company, founded in March 1992 and successfully operates in the insurance market for 21 years. The company has a license for 62 kinds of insurance services and reinsurance. 


  • Reduce the complexity of obtaining complex insurance rates in the various sections
  • Increased flexibility and speed of obtaining operational reporting to senior management


QlikView will solve three key business objectives of the insurance company "PARI": sales analysis, regulation of loss and provisions. Sales analysis is useful for underwriters, sellers and marketing department: with it you can not only get insurance reporting and financial results for any period, but the insurance company to segment the audience by weight parameters. Regulation of loss and provisions will also become much simpler: at any given time employee of the company will be able to see the amount claimed and settled claims, and quickly - within a few minutes - to calculate the reserve for any reporting date, and send parameters to the appropriate authority in the prescribed form.


  • Increase the efficiency of calculation of reserves, losses and sales figures
  • Improving the efficiency of analytical reporting for operational control and decision making
  • Significant reduction in labor costs for the creation of new analytical reports and views

Parnter: ATK Consulting Group

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