South Staffs Water

South Staffs Water Reduces Reports From 100 to 30 With QlikView


Regio: Europe, United Kingdom
Omzet: £84.5
Bedrijfstak: Utilities
Functie: Executive, Operations, Finance

“Traditional BI software lacked the fast time to market that we as a utility required and was much less cost effective than QlikView. As a Business Discovery platform, QlikView delivered a true and interactive enterprise reporting tool with complete flexibility and a rapid return on investment.”

Sean Smith
Head of Business Systems, South Staffs Water


South Staffs Water is a water utility serving 1.29 million people and 38,000 businesses in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom. Its domestic customers pay the third lowest water bills in England and Wales—partly attributable to the utility being ranked fifth in the industry for efficiency and low operating costs. With annual turnover of £84.5 million, South Staffs Water is the third largest water only company in England and Wales and serves an area of 1,500 square kilometres.


  • Provide near real time reports on KPIs via dashboard portal
  • Help meet data demands from industry regulator
  • Offer self-service reports to up to 150 users


South Staffs Water deployed QlikView to help reduce information overload and improve reporting on KPIs.


  • Reduced information overload from 150 to 20 to 30 reports
  • Combined data from multiple sources into a single version of the truth
  • Pinpointed inefficiencies for instant remediation
  • Offered the potential for future use by mobile staff

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