SunOpta deployed QlikView to employees in only one week


Regio: North America, United States
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Executive, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain, Finance

"QlikView has made a direct impact on companywide performance through improved visibility of inventory and customer margin. Our finance and executive teams can quickly monitor financial performance by market and by customer and make necessary adjustments to inventory, costing, production and pricing."

Gerry Watts, President, SunOpta Fruit Group, SunOpta


  • Leading processor and distributor of natural and organic food products
  • Operates three business units: SunOpta Food Group, Opta Minerals Inc. and SunOpta BioProcess Inc., which engineers and markets proprietary steam explosion technology systems for the bio-fuel, pulp and food processing industries


  • Upgrade existing disparate BI and reporting solutions, including Oracle BIEE
  • Maximize profitability with a daily view of gross profit performance
  • Reduce inventory exposure and related costs


  • Deploy first QlikView application – division sales analysis – in only one week
  • Deploy QlikView to more than 120 employees to analyze customer profitability, inventory exposure and manufacturing costs
  • Immediately leverage the invaluable data that was locked in Oracle and five other enterprise systems


  • Gained ability to identify low margin customers and respond with price increases or product line discontinuation
  • Reduced inventory exposure through better visibility into inventory levels and age
  • Garnered up to 85 % in employee time and cost savings

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