Swedbank Empowers 5,000+ Users With Customer Analysis Tool Using QlikView

QlikView is an immensely powerful
Business Discovery platform. The solution
gives users the power to gain access to
and freely analyse data.

– Anki Ahrnell, Head of Marketing & Online Banking



Europe, Sweden

  • Bedrijfstak: Retail Banken
  • Functie: Executive, Sales, Marketing, Service & Support, Web, IT


  • Swedbank is one of the largest financial institutions in Scandinavia and the Baltic states. Swedbank (excluding Savings banks) serves approximately 4.3 million private and corporate customers in Sweden through 315 branches in six regions of Sweden. The Swedbank group employs 16,000 people across all geographies.


  • Grow sales and revenue
  • Improve customer care and satisfaction


  • Swedbank deployed QlikView to 5,000+ employees in less than six months. With QlikView Swedbank now analyses data on 4.3 million private and corporate customers by type of agreement and class of customer.


  • Improved capacity for self service customer data analysis
  • Centrally targeted sales and marketing campaigns using bookmarks
  • Productivity improved through user-friendly solution
  • Lowered operating costs

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