Telecom Italia streamlines vendor management with QlikView

For us, Business Discovery means having access to a great wealth of information to support our strategic decisions. The Supplier Sheet gives us a synthetic, yet complete, picture of each supplier that we work with.

— Carlo Pompei, VP of Vendor Assessment & Process Governance,
Telecom Italia SpA



Europe, Italy

  • Bedrijfstak: Telecommunicatie
  • Functie: Supply Chain


  • Telecom Italia spent a lot of time collecting supplier data from various systems and manually collating it into reports. They were missing the big picture and wanted to be able to drill down further into their data to enable more strategic decision-making.


  • Analyze a huge amount of information spread across many different systems.
  • Have a complete picture of any given supplier on demand, including potential risk factors that might cause problems in the supply chain.
  • Be alerted to potential risks with individual suppliers.


  • QlikView brings together data from diverse systems to automatically give a complete, up to date picture of each supplier as well as aggregate supply chain data. The solution also provided risk alerts based on internal and external financial and market data, allowing Telecom Italia to be proactive in addressing supplier problems.


  • Proactive, strategic decision-making enabled by comprehensive data analysis.
  • Personnel previously occupied with data elaboration are now redeployed in core departmental activities.
  • A flexible, intuitive and fast solution accessible on all platforms including mobile.

Telecom Italia SpA

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