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Regio: North America, United States
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Gezondheidszorg
Functie: Executive, Operations, Finance

"QlikView dramatically reduces the time to answer business and clinical questions. It’s helping ThedaCare transition from standard static reporting to a truly analytical environment where any information can be rapidly accessed, analyzed and viewed exactly as needed."

Brian Veara, Manager of Decision Resources, ThedaCare


  • Largest healthcare provider and employer in Northeast Wisconsin serving 14-county area
  • 5,400 employees, 43 sites, more than 225,000 patients annually
  • Primary care, senior care, customized healthcare solutions for area employers, joint ventures with other healthcare providers, partnerships with area physicians


  • Data volume – outgrowing existing reporting systems
  • IT Costs – minimize capital investments in licenses and hardware to upgrade and expand reporting


  • Deployed QlikView to 1,200 business and clinical users across three functions in US:
  • Executive Analysis: Track healthcare system performance. Analyze need, risk, reward of expanding a facility, opening a new clinic or offering a new type of service.
  • Operational Analysis: Investigate root causes for patient outcomes. Monitor KPIs for preventive care programs such as immunizations, disease screenings, etc. Track doctors and how patients respond to treatments . Analyze how patients enter, use and exit system
  • Financial Analysis: GL, AR, system-wide financial reporting, ,managing payer mix and physician services, negotiating contracts, controlling expenses down to cost center level
  • Leveraged QlikView to analyze more than 110 million rows of data daily from Electronic Medical Record and Patient Management systems, Lawson ERP, SQL Server disease registry warehouse and Symposium call center database


  • Achieved full ROI from QlikView before completing rollout to 1,200 users (savings in licensing, hardware and system support costs compared to prior reporting tools)
  • Improved turnaround for business and clinical analysis from days and weeks to seconds
  • Empowered end users to perform their own analysis and ad hoc querying without dependence on IT

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