TNT consolidates monthly management reports using QlikView


Regio: Netherlands
Omzet: > $1B
Bedrijfstak: Transport & Logistiek
Functie: Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain

"As we have more insight into our data, we are better able to detect deviations from the planning, and hence, improve the efficiency of the audit process."

Marcel Smit
Senior Audit Manager, TNT Corporate Audit Services


  • Global supplier of postal and express services. Largest private employer in the Netherlands


  • Consolidate decentralized data
  • Focus on analyses rather than audits
  • Present KPIs in a flexible and transparent manner


  • TNT deployed QlikView to five employees in less than six weeks. With QlikView, TNT Corporate Audit Services now analyzes the reliability of financial and time-registration data, as well as its custom-defined KPIs - all focused on driving corporate profitability. This gives the management access to up-to-date management information at a glance, anytime.


  • Achieved substantial time savings of almost a full week per month
  • Gained real-time management of information
  • Increased business agility with highly flexible system
  • Improved data understanding through an intuitive and attractive user interface


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